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Lienz gingerbread: Original Lienzer gingerbread 1644® and Original Lienzer gingerbread finest confectionery 1644®

Gingerbread has an ancient tradition. Coming via monasteries, the tasty and fragrant creations made from spices and honey found their way into mediaeval bakeries. So also those from Bruck Castle. The likely most beautiful among the gingerbread moulds there is being given a new lease on life. "The worshipping of the Kings" is an elaborate, artfully carved mould of hard pear wood from the year 1644

The free spaces between the figures were filled in with, among other things, the Lienz rose which also adorns the town coat of arms. The bakers and confectioners of Lienz have joined up to revive this unique design and work of confectionery art. Select spices such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, aniseed, ginger, fennel and coriander define the fine and pleasant taste. The carefully handcrafted original Lienz gingerbread 1644® is filled with local cranberries. The old pattern embossed into finest marzipan encases the upper part of the gingerbread.

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The original Lienzer gingerbread 1644® in two sizes and original Lienz gingerbread finest confectionery 1644® are available in Lienz exclusively at:

  • Confectionery City Cafe Glanzl, Gerhard Glanzl, Hauptplatz 13, Tel. 62073
  • Bakery Gruber, Werner Gruber, Maximilianstrasse 18, Tel. 62776, Muchargasse 2, Tel. 68039
  • Baking tradition since 1932, Ernst Joast: 6 x in Lienz: Bürgeraustrasse, Tel. 64525, Schweizergasse 6, Johannesplatz, TirolerEck Am Markt, Brixenerplatz, Stadtmarkt Lienz, Nussdorf-Debant, Glocknerstrasse 20a, Virgen and Matrei in East Tyrol

Lienz Rose®

The Lienz Rose® has a long tradition in the history of the town of Lienz. For centuries it has adorned the coat of arms of Lienz township and is usually depicted as a five-petalled red rose. In later years, the rose of the civil coat of arms was combined with the comital crest and the Gorizian lion and has since been a fixed element of the Lienz town coat of arms. It became an expression of justice and freedom, a symbol of the affiliation between the middle classes and the Gorizian ruling house.

In honour of the flower on the Lienz coat of arms, the five-petalled salmon orange rose is being bred again since 2006. Planted in the town centre and in private gardens, it is an expression of the townsfolks' affinity and identification with their town. Now it is finally also available in Lienz specialist shops for private gardens as well as a gift for special friends.

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Where can the historic Lienz Rose® be found?

  • Headstone of the main aisle arch of the parish church St. Andrä (1450)
  • Organ of the parish church St. Andrä (1618)
  • Exterior façade Liebburg Castle
  • Forged gate Rieplerschmiede blacksmith´s shop 
  • Castle Bridge
  • Old townhall – north side
  • Decoration on fountains and flower boxes 

The Lienz-Rose® is available at:

  • Florist Bunte Oase – Daniela Schiller
  • Florist Seeber
  • Florist Maier
  • Florist Claudias BlumenSchmuck
  • H & G - Raiffeisen Cooperative East Tyrol
  • Landscape gardener Andreas Tschapeller
  • Waude Gardens GmbH

Cool deckchairs for hot days

Comfortable deckchairs allow visitors and residents of the sunny town of Lienz to enjoy a relaxing time-out in the heart of town. Lienz sure lies beautifully! And that not only in a geographical sense. Everywhere in the township you will find attractive sun yellow deckchairs bearing mottos by East Tirolean artist Hans Salcher, and which beckon all townsfolk and visitors to the town to enjoy some comfortable time out.

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Development of image products

The deckchairs on which you can lean back and relax, let your mind wander and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere of the sunny town, are developed and manufactured by the social economic associations "Schindel & Holz" and "s’Gwandtl". In cooperation with town marketing Lienz the two associations designed these deckchairs which perfectly match the "sunny profile" of the township.

The handmade sunny town deckchair is a wooden frame covered with sun yellow, durable plastic fabric, featuring an additional wooden frame as a base. The adjustable backrest and a small cushion with a Lienz logo further boost the feelgood factor. Thanks to the scissor mechanism, the deckchair can be collapsed for minimum space requirements.

They can be found in public spaces all throughout the township such as in Messinggasse, at the main square, on Johannesplatz, Bathing Beach Lake Tristach  and at Bruck Castle and can be purchased at "Schindel & Holz", Bürgeraustr. 31 for 119 € per deckchair. An investment that certainly pays off, seeing that with 2,080 hours of sunshine a year, the deckchair will find much and efficient use in Lienz!

Sunny town of Lienz bags – Carry the sun home...

While in many places it is still being discussed whether to ban the use of plastic bags or make them subject to fees, the town marketing Lienz is already one step further: the sunny town of Lienz relies on cotton carrying bags.

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Development of image products

In doing so, not only environmental considerations take priority, but at the same time the Mediterranean lifestyle in the sunny town is also conveyed. On the 40 x 30 cm large cotton bags, which can be bought for 5 euro for a pack of four at the citizens' service office at Liebburg Castle, you'll find sunny thoughts by local artist Hans Salcher for sunny dispositions.

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