Aim and objectives

The project “Stadt:Labor Lienz” pursues the following goals and objectives:

  • • Platform for innovation and laboratory for new ideas in the town and the region
  • • Open project and ideas workshop
  • • Centre for dialogue and presentations
  • • Incubator for urban and regional development
  • • Place for encounters and exhibition space
  • • Forum and space for creativity, art and culture
  • • Showroom for the town and the region, for regional products and innovations
  • • Development of the town centre and town districts together with the citizens
  • • Space for exhibitions and meeting point for participating in urban and regional development
  • • Space for an ongoing interaction between politics | administration | population | economy | culture | environment | social affairs

In the spirit of close regional cooperation Stadt:Labor doesn’t stop at the borders of the town, but aims to serve as integrator between town and region and as a platform for inter-municipal development.

“Planungsverband 36” is a cooperation of 15 municipalities under the slogan “Future thinking area Lienzer Talboden” for the purpose of transforming the central area of the district into a source of inspiration for the entire region.