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Bronze sculpture “Tratsch” (“Gossip”)
          by Jos Pirkner

 Lienz’s main square, then called “Kaiser-Josef-Platz” (Emperor Joseph Square), around 1930.

 3  The  bronze  sculpture  there from the “Schwarzer Adler”
 “Tratsch” (“Gossip”), in the cour-  (“Black Eagle”) inn as one of Tyrol’s
 tyard of the district courthouse, at   last “hereditary post offices”. 1609
 the eastern passage to the main   saw the first mention of an inn,
 square – Life-sized figures discus-  later known as “Goldener Adler”
 sing the town gossip, by Jos Pirk-  (“Golden Eagle”) and “Post”. Even
 ner, from 1985.  Crown Prince Rudolf and imperial
 heir Franz Ferdinand honoured the
   4  St Florian’s Fountain by Jos   “Post” with their visit. Through the
 Pirkner. The saint’s figure is a cop-  Volksbank  passage,  a bit  further
 per repoussé work from 1956 ab-  west, one can see the beautiful
 ove a serpentinite bowl from 1985.   courtyard.
 Jos Pirkner is one of Austria’s most
 famous  sculptors.  He  lives and     6  Hypo-Bank  building,  Haupt-
 works in Tristach, near Lienz.  platz 4 – This highly sophisticated
 work of modern architecture was
   5  Old  Town  Hotel  “Eck”  (“Cor-  planned by Raimund Abraham.
 ner”), Hauptplatz 20 – The former   Born in 1933 in Lienz, he worked
 town fortress in the northwes-  at the Cooper Union School of Ar-
 tern corner of the settlement was   chitecture in New York, America’s
 the seat of the Counts of Lienz in   most famous architectural school
 the late 12th / early 13th century.   by far. The Hypo-Bank building is
 The most famous of the Gorizian   only one of five buildings by Abra-
 lords was Heinrich, Count of Lienz   ham, which also include the Austri-
 (†1256), whose poetry is inclu-  an Cultural Forum in New York. The
 ded in the Codex Manesse (about   façade of the building is shaped like
 1308). In the  mid-14th  century,   a shield and connects to the adja-
 this  building  housed the  Gorizian   cent buildings. The northern façade
 coin mint, where even golden gu-  is also worth a look.
 ilders were minted. For some time,
 the building also housed the post
 office, which had been moved

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