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10  “Altes Spital” (“Old Hospital”)   was changed multiple times. In
 and church – Founded as a welfare   the 18th century, the church was
 institution in the late 13th century,   converted to Baroque style while
 it had nothing in common with a   incorporating the Gothic walls. The
 hospital in the current sense, but   Spitalskirche in Lienz was conside-
 was more like a retirement home.   red one of the most architecturally
 One could move in for a fee in the   consistent Baroque churches of
 form of money or material goods.   Tyrol until it was severely damaged
 However, penniless inhabitants of   during an Allied attack in April of
 Lienz were also taken in and cared   1945. Reconstructed from 1952 to
 for. Only in the first half of the 19th   1957. The church, no longer con-
 century the facility began to deve-  secrated, is now used for events
 lop into a hospital in the modern   and exhibits.
 sense, although the difference bet-
 ween patients and “tenants” remai-    11  Old town wall and tower – As
 ned. In this sense, the “Old Hospi-  was the norm in those days, the
 tal” fulfilled its function up until the   hospital was built outside of the
 construction  of  the new  district   city proper – in this case, the main
 hospital in 1931. Today, after a suc-  square – and was only included in
 cessful renovation by the architect   the town after the expansion of the
 Dieter Tuscher, the building houses   walls around 1500. The northe-  Spitalsbrücke (Hospital Bridge) with the “Spitalskirche” (“Hospital Church”).
 the  Bundes-Oberstufenrealgym-  astern corner of the wall and the
 nasium, a type of school covering   roundel, converted into a tower in     12  Spitalsbrücke (Hospital Bridge) –     13  Restaurant and hotel “Gol-
 the second stage of secondary   1952, remain visible.  Iron truss structure, built in 1897   dener Fisch” (“Golden Fish”),
 education. The entire construction   and renovated from 1989 to 1991.   Kärntnerstraße 9 – The tradition
          A sculpture of a dove by local ar-  of the oldest accommodation and
          tist Jos Pirkner adorns this bridge   food business in Lienz goes back
 Old town wall and tower.
          across the Isel.          to the 15th century.

            Grand Hotel Lienz – Lienz being the site of a five-star grand hotel
            shows that the town and its surroundings are an adequate location
            for a luxury resort. Located right beside the Isel river, the stylish
            hotel offers spa facilities, luxury rooms and suites, and the best
            restaurants and conference rooms.

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