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Tombstone for Michael von Wolkenstein-Rodenegg and his wife Barbara von Thun in the right
                                                                                                          side nave of the town parish church of Saint Andrew. Bottom image: The imposing high altar.
                                      The neo-Gothic pulpit was erected   Johann Paterer created the group
                                      in 1859. The faux-marble main al-  of sculptures beneath it, depicting
                                      tar, with its saints’ sculptures and   Mary,  John and  Mary  Magdalene,
                                      the 1761 painting “St Andrew   as well as the statues of Moses
                                      Accepting  the  Cross”  by Anton   and Aaron on each side. Above the
                                      Zollner, is magnificent. Jos Pirk-  confessional: a fresco of the cor-
                                      ner designed the modern people’s   poral works of mercy, and beneath
                                      altar depicting the bread miracle in   it,  a depiction  of Heaven  with  the
                                      1970. The ceiling painting “St An-  founding family of the Lienz golds-
                                      drew as an Intercessor on Behalf of   mith Matthias, by Nikolaus Kennt-
                                      Lienz in Various Troubles” and the   ner from 1454. The large cross
                                      four Evangelists were painted by   above the right side altar was once
                                      Josef Adam Mölck in 1761.  at the centre of a courtroom. When
                                                                 one defendant perjured himself, the
                                      The altar in the right side nave was   cross fell off the wall and the fingers
                                      made by Johann Mussack the   indicating an oath on Christ’s hand
                                      Younger from faux marble in 1774.   broke off.
                                      The late Gothic crucifix (about
                                      1500) is ascribed to Hans Klocker.

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