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Model City for Better Living

                                                                                                                                           The Liebburg on the main square.
                                      Far in the south – on the sunny side of the Alps, so to speak –, there is   Sophisticated. Green. Traditional and open-minded. The sense of harmony
                                      Lienz, close to the Italian border. No wonder, then, that not only do people   comes from the perfect mix of old and new. Of temperament and lively
                                      here live la dolce vita, but that this place also has Mediterranean flair. With   tranquility. For us here in Lienz, the love of life is not just coincidental, it is
                                      one addition, though, of extraordinary beauty – the Lienz Dolomites. Where   genetic. And tradition remains alive. It’s perfectly normal for people to have
                                      else, after all, does one sit beneath palm trees in the middle of town and   both the trendiest jeans and a traditional Dirndl dress in their wardrobe. After
                                      drink “real” cappuccino while gazing at the steep mountain peaks?   all, our town is not monotonous. With the “Better Living Model”, we have
                                                                                                          all created a special place to be and made the term “quality of life” a reality.
                                      We also sometimes feel like we are in the Mediterranean when countless
                                      Italians, with their typical liveliness, populate the town centre. They have   A place that we have “grown into”. Firmly rooted and proud to live here.
                                      already discovered the unparallelled charm of Lienz long ago. And since   That’s also why we like to meet up in town. Often with music and with good
                                      we have always warmly welcomed guests, our local authorities laun-  friends. Is there any better place to celebrate than here in this enchanting
                                      ched an Italian language initiative for trade and tourism several years ago.   atmosphere? Just drift through our town. Forget about time. Let the town
                                      For smooth, untroubled intercultural communication. Lienz is dynamic.   “flow over you”. And you’ll be amazed how beautiful life in town can be.

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