Dipl.-Ing. Elisabeth Blanik

The mayor heads the Lienz town administration and is chairperson of the municipality and town council. She manages the day-to-day business of Lienz township and also acts as its representative to the outside world. As chairperson of the town administration (Lienz town office) she is responsible for the necessary human and technical resources and is principally in charge of all matters of the municipal officials pertaining to labour and service law. She decides on how the municipal officials are used and has decisional authority over them.

One of the mayor's crucial tasks is also to implement decisions by other institutions of Lienz town administration, such as the town council or the municipal council. As a public authority, the mayor acts in her own as well as in the assigned sovereign capacity. Her sphere of activity is determined by provisions of federal state law (in particular the Tirolean Municipal Code 2001), by federal law and by decisions of the other institutions. The mayor is directly elected by Lienz citizens eligible to vote, as part of local and mayoral elections every six years. In her capacity, the mayor is also a single point of contact for citizen concerns.